Will Juventus Continue to Dominate Serie A by Winning Its 9th Consecutive Scudetto?

The last 8 seasons of Serie A or the Italian League of Football there has been nothing but Juventus Serie A domination on display. Officially Juventus has won 35 titles of Italian League of Football following its 2018/2019 victory. The domination could be continued with the current standing of Serie A that put Juventus on a somewhat fierce battle with Inter Milan and Lazio on top of the standing. It looks like that Juventus will secure its 36th league title as its 9th consecutive scudetto from the season of 2011/2012. Yet, that matter remains questionable especially following the latest 1-2 defeat of Juventus from Verona.

The journey of Juventus to dominate Serie A starts at the year of 2010. At that time the name of Andrea Agnelli has just took over the Chairman spot of the club. That takeover though was highly needed to restore order within the Club itself. The involvement of the Agnelli famil has not been there following the passing of Umberto Agnelli back in 2004. Even during the darkest time of the Club being punished to compete in Serie B due to the infamous Calciopoli scandal there was no Agnelli involvement at all within the club. https://www.maxbetsbobet.org/

Following the return of Juventus to Serie A from its delegation, results have been considerably disappointing for a team as big as Juventus. During the absence of Juventus on top of the league standing, Inter Milan and AC Milan took over the top spots. Inter started this decade by winning a scudetto. The next season AC Milan won the league after a relatively long wait for 6 years. The return of Agnelli to the club was only having one thing to do, bringing the Old Lady back to its sensible performance especially within the Serie A. There were even some questionable transfers made to clear previous errors within the team performance.

Juventus Serie A domination was then initiated with the club’s first win of the league within the season of 2011/2012. Juventus has been unstoppable from that time until last season. Yet the entire victory span of the club since that season has never been followed by Golden Boot of its player. There has never been a name of player from Juventus to secure the tittle of top scorer of the season following the 8 season domination so far. That could only mean that Juventus has a really decent level of performance within the entire team. That is nothing but dangerous that makes Juventus could be dominating so far.

The addition of Cristiano Ronaldo to the team simply strengthens the already strong lineup of the team. That further displays the strength of Cristiano Ronaldo regardless of his age at the same time. At some points commentators even regarded Cristiano Ronaldo as ageless due to its level of performance despite of his current age. That is actually pretty similar to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has just returned to AC Milan recently to set the club back on track.

Looking at the current situation on the standing of Serie A, Inter Milan can be considered to be the strongest rival of Juventus to the tittle race. Lazio might well be there on the third spot of the standing, but the odd is on Inter Milan to challenge Juventus. So, after a long 9 years without a scudetto and the best result is just second spot for one time only, Inter Milan really has it all to grab the scudetto away from Juventus this season. In the end, the question remains though. Will Juventus Serie A domination continue or will there be a new team to win the title at last?